Wrapping Tip : Wax Paper

December 19, 2017

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I am finally finished wrapping presents for Christmas and although mostly they are wrapped in a beautiful grey paper, I decided I needed a little bit of variation. I have been looking for brown wax paper everywhere (it is everywhere on pinterest right now) and in all unlikely places, I found it at Ellos! If you live in Oslo you can order until tomorrow and still have it before Christmas, if you are out of paper or you want a bit of variation, this waxed paper is perfect! 

As for ideas on how to wrap the presents, this year I kept it very simple, ribbons in mat colors tied in bows, and leather strings with eucalyptus for decoration ( have you seen my Eucalyptus Christmas wreath by the way?)

I tried to make a video on how I wrapped my presents , however I think the Youtube video where I learned how to do it explains it amazingly well , you can find it here. In less than 2 minutes you will learn how to wrap any box, without the need of a tape and without awkward edges with a single piece of paper, all in a perfect parcel like looking result. The video also explains how much paper is needed each time, much less than what usually is used and with an easy way to measure ( just roll your box a couple of times on the paper and you have your measurements). You can start by using tape of course, but I promise, after wrapping one or two you will find it is super easy to do without tape, it just wraps onto itself perfectly every single time! 

Have a happy holidays everyone, I will be soon be posting again from the cabin!

// Photography and Styling by Katerina Dima

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