Blog Planning for 2018 and Combating Instagram algorithm failure

December 31, 2017

I posted the photo above on my instagram a couple of weeks ago when I got my new 2018 planner ( I always buy my next years planner around October due to already arranging meetings/travelling/work with clients for the next year ), but I thought it was very relevant to the post I wanted to make today : my blogging plans for 2018.

:: New Branding || I have long decided on the concept of how I want this space to look like in the near future ( hint : think online bookazine with curated content ) , while at the same time I am also considering changing the name completely for my brand. I picked Only Deco Love a long time ago without thinking too much about it, and it has reached a point now that I feel I need something to represents me more. Stay tuned for all the realization of my plans through 2018!

:: Consistency || Looking back at my posts this year I noticed that months in and out have been numerically very inconsistent. To combat that I will be introducing some new columns that will not only bring more consistency back to the blog, but also new, fun and useful to read content!

:: Newsletter || I am planning on creating a newsletter but unlike others, my plan to have it deliver information that will be super useful but I don’t necesserily want to have on the blog. For example, those camera tips you are asking for? This is where you will find them! Dont worry, I am not a fan of things constantly landing on my email, there is a reason I want this information on a newsletter rather than directly on the blog. The format will be more fitting and you will be able to save the pdf for later use! Plus exclusive newsletter giveaways and much more! Just not too much, it will be mostly a once in a month occurrence!

:: Instagram and blog || One of my most important plans ( and the reason it was on the header) is to find a way to combat Instagrams algorithm failure. I have tried to find ways to fix this internally and I have seen good results (hint: this will be one of the new monthly columns), but when it comes to the best thing I can do, is to bring more of instagram on my blog. For other bloggers out there, we control our blogs completely, that is something that no algorithm can change. And I have to be honest, I really miss the days that people used to comment on blogs, connected through blogs. In that regard I will try to bring more of instagram on the blog, or to say it better, more of what used to be great about instagram on the blog. The spontaneity , the connection, the simple need for a timeline of events as they happen.

There is more I want to do for this space but I don’t want to reveal too much, I think it will be more fun to share as I go, I hope this peaks your curiosity a little bit and trust me, you wont have to wait long for it!

Have a happy New Year and my wishes for a wonderful and creative 2018! Lets make this the best year yet!

// Photography and Styling by Katerina Dima

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8 comments on “Blog Planning for 2018 and Combating Instagram algorithm failure”

  • Anonymous says:

    Grear to hear. Have you done something with your ig profile. I checked you up on and saw you lost 1000 followers in one day thar is hughe? Have you deleted followers or are they just dropping? Socialblade is a great site to see vs vs on instagram and see the numbers. Happy new year:)

    • Katerina says:

      Hi! Indeed that is huge I saw it too! I think it was instagram clearing bots or something, I was not responsible for it, but I am super glad it happened! I wish I could find an application that can clear bots, it is so hard to do on your own! And it is super important to me to have real followers, especially since I am working with scandinavian brands, my insights need to show my influence in scandinavia. I would never risk buying followers only to show my top city being in India for example, I love that all my demographics show scandinavian cities on top with Oslo first, and super proud of it too! I hope instagram keeps clearing out fake accounts as often as possible 🙂 Happy new year as well!

  • Abi | These Four Walls blog says:

    Your plans sound really exciting! I can’t wait to see more. And the newsletter sounds really useful. Happy New Year!

    • Katerina says:

      Hey Abi! Honestly I hate things landing on my email, so I want to make this newsletter something that people will be super excited when they see! This year we will all work hard to make our dreams come true! So glad to have met you! Lots of love and hugs!xxxKaterina

  • N I C K E L . N . C O says:

    Love the sound of your new year directions! We watch with eagerness and cant wait to read all about it in your upcoming blog posts …. even though we are in Western Australia … miles away, in summer, currently at the beach reading this blog post 30 degrees! ������

    • Katerina says:

      Thank you! It will take some work but I think the results will be very rewarding! Dont worry, I am greek, even though it is supposedly winter in greece, some people do go to the beach, and plus 15 to plus 20 is summer for a norwegian as well hehe Happy New year at the beach or in the snow! Everything is welcomed!xx

  • Emma Thun says:

    Reading english is easy for me but writning…i can't find the right words. Otherwise i world have said "hello" and "good work!" Almost every day 🙂

    • Katerina says:

      Hi Emma! Men du kan snakke på Svensk 😉 Jeg kan lese veldig bra, å snakk er bare litt vanskelig! Tusen takk for ditt besøk , og godt nytt år !!xxKaterina

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