Artilleriet-Journal Christmas inspiration

December 25, 2017

It is Christmas day today and I doubt many will be checking their blog feed, but if you are , I decided to share one of my favorite festive inspirations by Artilleriet. I wouldn’t mind making the cabin look like this for next years Christmas, and come to think about it, I should start early with painting etc, in order to make that happen. The plan is by next autumn for the cabin in Sogndal to look uniquely rustic but with a modern feel, really the photos today not only work as a Christmas inspiration, but also a little bit of a moodboard for whats to come regarding that house. I am wishing you a very merry Christmas and a happy holidays, and until we talk again, scroll down for more photos from the Artilleriet-Journal, they are so beautiful and they bring on the festive mood!

// Photos Via Artilleriet-Journal

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