Winter feel and how to achieve it

November 29, 2017

Even though it is not even December yet, for the first time in quite a few years I am already done with shopping for Christmas presents. This mostly occurred because I happened to be in Copenhagen and Stockholm last week and the shops I needed where right there, so instead of ordering them and paying even more in shipping and importing (none exist in Norway unfortunately), I decided to shop early. This probably got me into an early Christmas mood as well, but I chose to call it “Winter mood” really, as most of my Christmas decorations can , and are, used before and after the holidays as well. In reality I don’t overly decorate for the season, I find that key touches are better than a full spread of lights, and it really does all come down to the details. For this year I decided to go with brass and natural colors, some pale yellows and pale greens, I don’t think I will include any red or bright greens though. If you want to achieve a winter feel but not go overly festive yet, just do as I did, add some brass details, a candle holder or two, a tree,maybe a star ornament (all my brass details are from Ferm Living Christmas collection), some flowers suitable for the season in clear or pale colored vases. The flowers you see in my Marimekko  vases (also from their Christmas collection) are I think perfect for this purpose, they seem as if they are pine cones but on stems, while the small bouquets are a cluster of even smaller versions of pine needles and cones. You can even add some Christmas lights if you feel like it, but try to find some that are delicate and don’t emit too much light, this way they will look more like a light installation rather than glittery festive lights on a window!

// Photography and Styling by Katerina Dima

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Styling and photography by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated.

2 comments on “Winter feel and how to achieve it”

  • Riika W. says:

    Hi, I'm so happy to find you recently – absolutely love your style! Such an inspiration especially now while I'm in the process of decorating our new home-to-be :)Regards,Riika from FinlandPsst. So happy to notice that you've found Marimekko! <3

    • Katerina says:

      Hey Riika!Renovating and decorating a house can be quite the puzzle, I am doing this for a living and still cant figure how to do mine! Of course if I had infinite budget I would have finished, it is a problem trying to juggle that heheAnd yes! I love Marimekko, for years now!Good luck with your new home!HugsKaterina

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