Weekend Bliss

November 18, 2017

It is finally the weekend, and even though I am freelancing, meaning every day is a working day for me, I can feel the weekend vibe from other people which in turn relaxes me as well.  Today I woke up early , worked out, then run some errands and shopping in Oslo center. I have to say, I love that Christmas decorations are already up, lights and festive music, it all creates a happy atmosphere, it feels so great even just walking on the streets with a warm coffee on your hands. On the weekend agenda : relax. I always of course end up working regardless, however next week is going to be very busy ( have I mentioned I am off to Copenhagen again and then to Stockholm?), so this weekend the plan is to slow down, have a lot of tea, make myself comfortable, and only then pick up my mac to work. This way it doesn’t feel as much work , even when it is as tedious as gathering receipts for the accountant or updating lists with emails, phone numbers etc. To help me unwind and relax I treated myself to something that I have wanted for some time now, the room spray Bibliotheque from Byredo and the Wick trimmer you see above, again from Byredo ( tired of having to wash my scissors everytime after cutting wicks, plus I love how the trimmer looks!). If you are a fan of the scent, you will love the room spray, especially if you have missed out on the limited edition Bibliotheque perfume that is not produced anymore. Not pictured above, I also got the Bal D’Afrique body wash while at the store. I know, it seems weird that a new body wash helps in relaxation, however I love the smell, and I am planning on spending some quality time in the shower as well this weekend with hair masks, treating dry skin , face care etc. And really, these things , no matter how small or insignificant may sound, they really helped pick up my mood today and motivate me to dedicate the weekend to self care and relaxation. A little shopping goes a long way, heres to a great relaxing weekend!

// Photography and Styling by Katerina Dima

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Styling and photography by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated.

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