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November 19, 2017

I am supposed to pick up colors to paint the living room and the bedroom this week (more photos of my bedroom today you can find here), but I stumbled on this beautiful bedroom at Alvhem, and now I am thinking maybe just a fresh coat of some sort of white is what I really want, and instead have color in the kitchen and living room. A super minimal bedroom works great for a lot of people, however I need mine a little bit more cozy, and of course you can have cozy without having to sacrifice design. The bedroom on Alvhem has more of a country vibe, if I was to replicate it probably I would see something like this in the cabin rather than my Oslo apartment, but there are some beautiful details that I would love to copy today even. Build in shelf? Yes please. Blanket in earthly colors ? Another yes. Old table repurposed as a mini office is also a great idea, while the Danish chair as a sidetable is a nice touch as well. I have ordered the Georg office desk by Skagerak for the bedroom which is also going to look beautiful, but I will also visit finn to see if I can find an old table for the cabin to use in the bedroom loft. I have been very slow in getting the Oslo apartment together, but I want to think that it will happen before December is over, minus many some details. If there is anything I am learning is maybe it doesn’t need to be perfect, it just needs to feel like home.

 // Photos via Alvhem

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