Novembers Favorites : Sustainable life

November 8, 2017

As I am sitting with my coffee arranging the rest of the month (there are some press events and travelling in November), I realise there are so many things on my to do list, it is impossible to finish everything before New Years. And when did November come anyways? It seems like Christmas last year was only yesterday! I am trying to refrain from already putting on Christmas songs, but it is so hard when I am already shooting Christmas stylings and I am arranging what decorations to put up. Blogging comes with the price of always having to celebrate a little earlier since blogs serve as inspiration (it is mostly where I get inspired as well!), but to be honest I have always loved this time of year, this is one of the things I gladly welcome. Not related to any festivities , I wanted to share some of my favorites this month, maybe you will find ideas for a gift , or early present to yourself? 🙂

A few weeks ago I discovered Pure Effects , the first in the Nordic market to offer biotechnological garment care and cleaning products for the home. The products are based on an active bacterial culture that cleans deep beneath the surface. Pure Effect’s products are tough on odors, grease and dirt, while kind to people and the planet. Don’t let the small bottles discourage you, they last for months! And they smell heavenly, especially the clothing and shoe mists. And about time there was an environmentally friendly cleaning solution, that smells good, is budget friendly, looks great and takes so little space in your home. I have tried all the products (find the whole range here) and I am not going back. 

Another favorite comes in the form of textiles, I attended Aiayu press breakfast yesterday and left with the best impressions and a press gift ( the toiletry bag above which was filled with Aiayu goodies ).

If you don’t already know of Aiayu (which means “soul” in Bolivian where some of their products are made alongside India and Nepal), their philosophy is to re define luxury with an informal approach to elegance. Every single piece in their collection , from clothes to accessories, is made with respect to the environment and is part of a sustainable production. They draw on the expertise of local people, whose artisan skills are passed from generation to generation. The result is beautifully made garments and accessories, that have a history and soul. Even down to my toiletry bag.  See all the range here, one of my favorite brands as of late not only for their aesthetic but for their philosophy as well.

Lastly, a few weeks ago I met with the founder of Boynoo, the first and only candle company in Norway to make candles of 100% natural and organic coconut wax. With high quality essential-and fragrance oils that are phthalate- and paraben-free, Boynoo candles are lightly scented, which means that allergy sufferers may also tolerate them. They are hand brewed in their studio in Norway, and every candle is unique, they carefully pour each candle, inspect them, and stamp each labels. Each candle, from wicking to wax melting to pouring and wick-cutting, is created with the utmost care and precision. I go through candles quite quickly during winter, and every time I light my Boynoo candles I feel incredible knowing they are made with so much attention, each one, right here in Oslo.

I hope you found some new favorites today, I feel so close to sustainable design and everything on the list in this post reflects that. I am so happy so many companies today care for the environment and culture and keeping alive what is important.

// Photography and Styling by Katerina Dima

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Styling and photography by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated.

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