How to set a minimal autumn table with Pillivuyt

November 5, 2017

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Fall for me doesn’t only signify the
beginning of the cold season but also the start of the wonderful gatherings
season, I am always so much looking forward to dinners with friends indoors and
plans for fun nights have already begun. One of the most fun part of hosting a
dinner is setting up the table and today I would love to share some tips with
you on how to style a minimal Autumn table.The elegant
Pillivuyt Plissé line
fits perfectly with the design I have in mind and in this case I chose to make
it the
center of the table setting. Read below for tips on how to recreate my Fall Autumn Table setting!

1. Often the most difficult decision
when beginning a design plan is choosing the color palette. I almost always end
up choosing white when it comes to tableware because they are easy to style and
they will match and complement any styling, no matter how traditional, minimal
or whimsical. 

2. Table runners and linen
tablecloths will define the placement of the table, however if you have a
beautiful table , there is no reason to hide it under cloths. If anything I
find a minimal table setting will look even more beautiful on a wooden surface,
plus it is so much easier to handle spills! Place linen white napkins however
in between plates to give a warm and inviting feeling.

3. Even a minimal composition has
need for rules and structure, adding a big centrepiece will help define the
placement of the tableware but be careful that it does not distract from the
design plan. I suggest using a big glass vase that not only will make a
statement but its transparency will make it light and it will not obstruct the

4. Flowers are a favorite of mine,
for my minimal design plan I chose a few simple stems in mustard color (so very
autumnal)  and arranged them in my big vase. If you wish you can also add
one stem on every plate for each guest, or add something else that represents
fall for you. I filled the top bowls of my table design with chestnuts instead,
this way I am bringing a little bit of nature on the table without overwhelming

5. Do you have a small table like me?
Then do as I did and keep all extra plates that you are going to use or cups or
saucers next to the table on a shelf in an open composition. This way the
setting feels more intimate and it is easier to change the setting after dinner
is finished. I always keep the coffee set close by, Norwegians love having
coffee after dinner and it is so much easier to set the new table after eating. 
 Pillivuyt Plissé line is so beautiful , like my table I do not like hiding it!

As a final note, Norwegians drink a lot of coffee, and I am always setting up the table with a full coffee set after dinner. But regardless if you have this tradition, a full set of coffee cups and mugs is always welcomed, whether you are serving coffee after eating, or just enjoying it in a rainy afternoon by the window. You can find more photos (including a full setting for coffee) and a stop movie of how I prepared my table at Pillivuyt today!

// Photography and Styling by Katerina Dima

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