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October 1, 2017

I had a little time this weekend and I finally styled my own living room a little bit, so before I start sharing photos from my trips last month I thought I would show you how the room looks like right now after a few recent additions! 

Starting off with the biggest one although I recently showed it off as I assembled it on my instagram , the Menu Stick system in white. I needed a shelf system and I couldn’t decide if it should be mounted on the wall or free on the floor, but I found the Menu one on a great sale in a shop in Oslo which made my decision pretty easy. And if after a few months I need a little bit of change I can always sell it and buy something else, recycling interior pieces is something I firmly believe in, I much prefer buying something that has value that I can later sell and get something else, then start over again when I need a change.

Another two additions in the room are the Kizu Lamp from New Works and the Hay Slit table in Mirror, both of which I was lucky to have delivered on my door by Nest , one of the stores in UK that I recommend heartily to my readers from UK (and the rest of the Europe) for their great selection of brands that are on the forefront of interior design last few years. I have talked about a lot with the owners as well and we both share the same values when it comes to furniture recycling, and not only. Recently we were discussing the concept of Lagom, exactly because we both love simplicity, roughly translated from Swedish as ‘appropriately in balance’ or simply ‘Just right’. 

Lagom is not an interior ‘trend’ but rather a way of living in balance, of having just the right amount of anything you need. I wrote a piece for Nest about our discussions and my thoughts on the subject that was published on their web blog , if you want to read more about Lagom and life in balance through my eyes you can find it here

Finally, when it comes to my living room , some details really set the mood and their are very easy to apply. A rather bulky plant will cover an awkward space and make the transition from a piece of furniture to a corner seamlessly (I bought my Fiddle fig tree from the flower market a week ago although I only potted it in a simple terracotta pot yesterday ) , while a simple poster on the wall will give a polished finished look. My poster is a limited edition art concept from Therese Sennerholt ( one of Swedens most famous and most talented Art Directors) called Full Moon Doodle in grey.

I have used my Kizu lamp on one of the windowsills in my living room, but I think it will look just as nice on the Menu shelves, while the round Hay table I am temporarily using as my main table but in the future it will either be a side table or a night stand ( on my Bedroom sneak peek post I used the brass version I got temporarily from Nest, I loved it as a solution!). 

For now I will leave this space as is, but I am adding some new things as October goes by, plus painting the walls, I love changes and I need warmer colors on the walls for the winter!

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// Photography and Styling by Katerina Dima

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