La Granja in Ibiza : Sustainable alternative traveling

October 30, 2017

If you plan on going to Ibiza, I have a tip for you. La Granja is a not just a hotel to stay when in vacations, it is a lifestyle founded on sustainable principles. In a world where travel and hotel stays are surrounded by technology, extravagant comforts and unnecessary distractions, La Granja encourages guests to return to the essentials: modesty, rustic simplicity and the beauty of imperfection. The project attracts guests seeking a unique experience: an opportunity to turn their focus inwards and free themselves from external influences: to find complete relaxation.

Composting, mulching and an environmentally friendly approach to water management ensure the transport of important nutrients to the various garden parcels on the property. Old, terraced terraces have been reborn and are now home to more than 30 fruit and vegetable varieties, as well as various trees, including apple, nectarine, fig, almond and citrus. This is the basis for the restaurant concept “Farm to Plate.” 

This crop plays an essential role in La Granja’s nutritional approach, where organic, ethical and regional ingredients always take precedence. The local partner, “Friends of a Farmer,” is involved in various environmental friendships, such as the support of “Metabolic Consulting,” an organization that promotes sustainability in Ibiza. This includes the protection of terrestrial ecosystems, water sources and infrastructure, as well as the optimization of waste management and renewable energy. 

La Granja has successfully linked an avant-garde, cultural and sustainable concept with a very beautiful, rural building and land. The unimportant was dispensed, whereby the hotel offers the necessary comfort to the guests. Less is more – as you say. La Granja’s heartfelt desire is to share this unique, fascinating destination with like-minded guests: the real Ibiza, untouched by the mass tourism, the Ibiza by extensive roads, idyllic mountain scenery and with a panoramic view over the sea. The Ibiza of found communities, freethinkers and the power of shared experiences.

 // Photos by La Granja and courtesy of Design Hotels

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