6 on my Winter Wishlist

October 15, 2017

// Collage by Katerina Dima

Some winter essentials that are not interior related but I promise I will make a separate wishlist soon enough as well. For today it is all about how to stay comfy during cold nights and some things I have had my eye on for a few weeks now!

:: Comfy Sweaters | There is nothing more comforting during a cold night than a Cashmere sweater, this one from Fillipa K in the most beautiful vanilla color is a must.

:: For the hands Byredo launched a rinse free hand wash in the Suede line that I need in my life.

:: For my travels | I need a new suitcase and a luggage tag, this Burberry one is just perfect.

:: Stay Cozy | Another favorite from Fillipa K, a chunky hat in a combination of alpaca and wool blend.

:: Wrap around | Combine a chunky hat with a ribbed soft cashmere scarf from COS.

:: For the whole winter | Mohair cardigan sweater from Acne. For inside the house when its a little bit chilly. For when I read on the couch and need something to keep warm but also to cuddle with. For the cold mornings when I let Milo down the back yard. For the movie nights when the cinema is too cold. For the airplane that is always cold. For when I travel from Oslo to Sogndal on the 6 hour drive that takes me through the always snowy mountain pass. This list can go on and on.

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