Spend the Summer outside with Ellos

July 30, 2017

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Just because August is so close, it doesnt mean the summer is over, far from it! I am getting back to Oslo from vacation today and my veranda doesn’t even have the essentials so I have gathered a few things from Ellos Home that will help me, I hope they inspire you as well!

:: Hammock | If you are lucky to have a tree in your garden or anywhere to hang a hammock at your balcony I highly recommend Hengestol Svea

:: Pillows | Velvet is not just for inside the house, get comfortable outside as well with the pillows Georgia. My favorite color is grey-green.

:: Carafe | Sitting outside in the sun requires something refreshing and this carafe ( Mugge Mary ) will hold any beverage in style.

:: Vase | The same rules apply outside as they do inside. A table is just better with a vase filled with flowers, try the glass vase Similla for a minimal look.

:: Flowerpot | Flowerpots are not only for flowers, I use the metal pot Allison with the embossed pattern and decorative patinated surface to plant herbs and keep outside. Herbs do so much better when planted, and with all the outside summer cooking, having a small herb garden is a must. 

:: Rug | Last but not least, try a plastic carpet if you want to cover an ugly veranda floor that you cannot change easily, especially if you are renting. I like to use the same palette so the result is pleasing, so Peak fits perfectly with the styling of my veranda, but Ellos has a great selection of plastic rugs that can be found here . And of course, they can be left outside when it rains! 

// Collage by Katerina Dima , Photo above by Ellos.

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