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July 1, 2017

I recently got a press release for the new Menu Space, a newly finished showroom, office, and café, designed in collaboration with Norm Architects for Danish design company MENU. While browsing in the downloads folder however I stumbled upon a full set of photo of the the home of Norm Architects founder Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen. Since I am moving this Sunday to Oslo to my new apartment, I thought I was appropriate to share Jonas home first to serve as inspiration, get to know a little bit of his style and where he lives, before sharing the press photos for the new Menu Space which I was lucky to visit first hand a day before its official opening, while in Copenhagen for 3 days of Design (read more about that here).

Some of the items featured in Jonas own home happen to be on the top of my list , from Menu to &tradition to the custom marble office desk that is not for sale unfortunately. However if you are in love with the style, Menus new Plinth tables/podiums will alleviate some of the longing, at least it will for me. 

//Photos via Menu 

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