Simple frame styling with Desenio and a 25% discount code.

June 6, 2017

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As I am packing to move in a few weeks I am constantly wondering what to take with me and how I will style the new apartment. Since it is a rental there are some restrictions although instead of being bothered by it I think it is actually quite fun to find solutions to work around any styling problems. One of the most common is hanging anything on the walls, but while some cannot be helped ( big furniture etc ) , some can have interesting solutions instead! When it comes to frames thankfully they look great on the floor just as much as on the wall, if anything I think I prefer them this way at this point. 

With the help of Desenio and their great variety of posters and frames I think I am off to a good start on making a nice little frame corner don’t you think? I started with a few frames and few foggy botanical posters and I will be adding more of this collection soon, I find the bigger this frame arrangement the better it looks. 

A small tip for you : Leave a few of the frames empty, it makes for a more delicate arrangement while at the same time it doesn’t look overly styled!

The frames I used are from Moebe and they can also be found at Desenio under their Frames category. When it comes to botanical posters they can all be found under the Botanical category . My top picks and the ones I chose as shown in this post are : 

1 | Misty Poster  2 | Palm Silhouette  3 | Foggy Poster

 As a bonus I am happy to share a code with all of you that Desenio created for all my readers. Use  code “ONLYDECOLOVE” for 25% off your order at Desenio between 6th – 8th of June ( not valid for handpicked/frames ). Since the code is active for only two days this is the best time to to update your photo wall, or if you prefer my way, create a new frame corner in your living room or bedroom or even at the office! 

Edit :  Please be aware that Desenio online store had some technical difficulties on Tuesday and Wednesday but it is up and running today! This is the last day to take advantage of the “ONLYDECOLOVE” code so hurry if you need a wall or frame to floor update! 

//Photography and Styling by Katerina Dima

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Styling and photography by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated.

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