A visit at Skagerak Showroom in Copenhagen

June 10, 2017

I have been travelling a lot last few weeks and I find it increasingly more difficult to find time to edit the numerous photos I have in my folders in order to make my blogposts in time, thankfully there is always instagram that is always updated daily. When it comes to the blog however, for me nothing is better than sharing a little bit more details, insights and bigger photos, but I don’t want to lower the quality of the posts so they have been a little delayed lately. However I am finally back for a few weeks and I will not be travelling again due to moving in July so I will be finally catching up and getting everything in order. Lets do this!

Today I am sharing one of my favorite places I visited during 3 days of design, the Skagerak showroom/ lifestyle store. I will be sharing my highlights of the Danish showroom event shortly so keep an eye for that in the next days to come. 

The former Post & Tele Office at the Freeport of Copenhagen was built in 1906. In late 2015 it went through a total renovation with help from the design studio All the way to Paris. Today completely restored and renovated, the venue serves as a showroom for Skagerak but also as their offices in Copenhagen, while it also carries a curated selection of few of the stuffs favorite complimentary products ( LA Bruket , Kinfolk magazines, Korbo baskets etc all can be found on the first floor ). What I loved was the relaxed atmosphere of Skagerak, there is a big backyard where they also host events ( their chef will create dishes from herbs grown right in the garden!) for example during 3 days of design anyone could relax outside in the sun enjoying soft drinks and appetizers!

If you are ever in Copenhagen or even if you live there but don’t know of the Skagerak showroom yet, it is one place I totally recommend visiting, as for me, next time I am in the city I will definitely be heading back for more photos and a soft drink!

//Photography by Katerina Dima

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