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May 14, 2017

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I love having some flowers in the house, I am not a big bouquet kind of person but a few select blooms always lift up my mood. Today I took a short walk outside and discovered a small bed of wild poppies, they are so beautiful even when not in full bloom! I selected a variation of them (some with closed some with bloomed buds) so they would look even more delicate in the vase by the bed. And here is my tip of the day which I am sure you saw coming, when spring is in the air, always try to venture out in case you find a hidden flower bed, wild flowers are so much more beautiful in my eyes than any other flowers! And much more economical as well ;) 

For the vase I chose the new Concave Vase from Stelton ( mine is in size medium) designed by Søren Refsgaard. I really like how the powder coated aluminum body contrasts with the polished steel ring top, I have been using mine just as decoration without any flowers in the last few weeks, it looks great with or without blooms!

The other new addition in the bedroom is the carafe I am currently using (always have water by the bed) also from Stelton and it is their new Emma serving Jug 2l along with their Simply Glass glasses in grey. The Emma pitcher combines stainless steel and a beach wood handle for a contemporary look, while the glasses are in minimalistic design with the gray shade elevating them from the ordinary. You can see them also in my kitchen here , I will move the pitcher around the house during the day, as for the glasses, it is always good to have more than 12 as a set so there are always extra when you need them!

//Photography and Styling by Katerina Dima

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Styling and photography by Katerina Dima unless otherwise state

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