Styling ideas for a small apartment

May 25, 2017

I run into this small apartment styled by Emma Fischer for Bjurfors in Stockholm and I was immediately inspired by her styling of such a small space. With some smartly placed furniture (a few from IKEA as well for a friendlier budget ) Emma has delivered a space that is comfortable to live in, as well as beautiful to look at. I am getting so many ideas from this space for my own apartment in Oslo, although mine is quite bigger than this one, it still only has one bedroom so there will be considerably less space than what I am used to now. A daybed is a great idea, as well as a simple corner office as seen in this apartment. On the other hand I am thinking, since the new kitchen is spacious enough, possibly in the beginning set up a home office there. After all, I only need my macbook and my camera, my set up can be pretty mobile luckily. I am in the lookout for a new kitchen table , I am thinking possibly round but I have neither settled on brand not material/color. Hopefully 3 days of Design will be inspiring enough to get the ideas flowing, I am really looking forward to early releases and possibly new designs. Stay tuned!

//Styling Emma Fischer | Photos by Alen Cordic for Bjurfors 

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