Travel Diaries : Marktgasse Hotel in Zurich

May 16, 2017

//Travel and accommodation was sponsored by Marktgasse Hotel in Zurich.

A few days ago I traveled to Zurich where I stayed in one of the most beautiful boutique hotels the Marktgasse Hotel. If you have been following me on instagram you have already seen some sneak peeks and video stories so you know how it looks, however today I edited some of my favorite photos from my visit and I am going to take you on an official tour! I had a hard time choosing from my photos so today’s post will have a little more than usual, but I think this is a special occasion!

Before we start you can also see some stills from my room in Todays office in Zurich post while for a different point of view check my friends Elisabeth Heier post whom I had the joy of travelling with together.

The Marktgasse Hotel is a destination on its own when in Zurich. Just a short walk from the cities top sightseeing highlights, the lake and the main train station, situated right in the middle of the old town. A building from the 15th century that recently got a comprehensive renovation that carefully and lovingly preserved the heritage elements that enjoy protected status. The result is a timeless unique building that mixes history with contemporary design, from the Mayor AJ5 & Tradition sofas in the reception area and the Gubi Grossman Gräshoppa Task Table lights , Gubi Grossman Cobra wall Light , Gubi 3D Stool , Artek Stool 60, Dante Memoir Hanger while the rooms are equipped with a desk and chairs from Københavns Møbelsnedkeri . There are plenty of magazines to browse through while sitting in the relaxing sitting area at the lobby such as 59 Magazine and Nopi Cookbook along with many travel guides to point you to the right direction while in Zurich.

While in the lobby one can find complimentary Nespresso and a variety of tea served in Kinto teapots and mugs, a small luxury I enjoyed everyday while working in the pleasant environment and planning the day ahead. You can choose to relax with a magazine in the reception area sitting in the comfy Mayor sofas, or if you are like me and like to work a little bit as well there is a variety of options to choose from! In the lobby I found myself usually sitting on the long table so I could have more room to work while enjoying my tea. There are nooks by the windows with computers for guests to use as well while if you like more privacy and less commotion, a short half a floor away you can find the library and the living room.  

When it comes to breakfast, the Delish Cafe juxtaposed to the hotel (the elevator takes you right in the middle of the cafe)  offers a great breakfast variety as well as a great selection of pastries and one of the best lunches I had the pleasure of having in the city. I really liked  the idea of the cafe being open for everyone during and after breakfast, it gave a feeling of casual gathering of the guests along with the locals, probably gathering at the cafe for their renowned homemade cinnamon buns that would disappear by midday.
If it is dinner or a drink you are seeking instead, the Baltho Restaurant and Baltho Bar at the hotel offer great food and drinks! Same concept of openness invites everyone to join, I particularly liked the buzzing warm atmosphere at the bar, were we could be found every night after exploring the city.

As I mentioned before, I showed a sneak peek of the room in my Todays office in Zurich post , and finally today I am able to show more! The boutique hotel in its entirety was stunning, but my personal favorite was in fact my very own room. From the striking original floors, the original and carefully restored painted grey panels that covered the rooms, the big windows to the carefully selected furniture , the room invites you to stay in and relax. I spend as many hours as I could afford on the Københavns Møbelsnedkeri desk and chair working, drinking my tea and trying to take in my environment and the view of the old town from my ceiling high windows ( a total 3 on my corner shaped room). A detail I really liked, the custom made shelf on the wall, used for magazines but more importantly for a carafe that I could refill with fresh water just outside my room on a stone basin. 

 All bathrooms are equipped with Aesop products, it really felt like home since I am using the exact same products, plus I didn’t need to bring with me as many as I usually do! You can ask before arrival for a bathroom with natural light, they usually have marble details under the windows which in my opinion gives a feeling of luxury when you leave your make up bag on! All bathrooms are newly renovated in a black and white minimalistic scheme. 

//Photography and Styling by Katerina Dima

I enjoyed my stay at the Marktgasse Hotel immensely , I would love to visit again next time I m in Zurich for either business or fun! 

A special thank you to the very helpful staff and the General Manager, Olivier Gerber, who all make me feel so very welcomed. 

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Styling and photography by Katerina Dima unless otherwise state

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