Juicery 21 in Zurich

May 7, 2017

I just came back home from Zurich yesterday and although I want to make a post about some of my favorite places to visit while in town, I am not sure I will have enough photos for it, but for today let me tell you about this little gem we found with Elisabeth ( from Elisabeth Heier, do visit her for additional photos and her view of Zurich and our stay) while trying to find a place to sit in the rain and eat lunch. Juicery 21 in Zurich can be found near the Botanical Garden of Zurich, very close to the old city center. The Swedish young cool owner took great care not only with the products that he is serving but also with the styling of the cool lunch/coffee spot. Here you can find not only spectacular healthy fresh cold press juices, but also a variety of raw shakes, smoothies, acai or oatmeal or quinoa bowls, bagel sandwiches and warm blends. Sit inside or outside on Menu WM String dining chairs and enjoy either a few minutes of relaxation , or stay more if you like and work . The music and atmosphere are very relaxing, perfect work environment, their playlist is up on Juicery21 website! I had a quinoa warm bowl for lunch ( as seen below) while I brought back with me at the hotel a fresh cold pressed juice ( Hot Lemon blend – lemon/apple/ginger) to drink next day in the morning before breakfast ( and yes, I brought the bottle back with me in my suitcase!). I wish we had something similar in Oslo, I can promise you I would be there every single day and I know a lot of others that would as well. Maybe we can convince the cool Swedish guy to move back closer to Scandinavia?

//Photography and Styling by Katerina Dima

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Styling and photography by Katerina Dima unless otherwise state

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