Affordable bedroom essentials from Ellos Home

May 24, 2017

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 A few days ago I lamented on how it has been very difficult to find an apartment in Oslo that would tick at least some of my most important boxes (a more in depth discussion about it can be found here) . Luck had it however that a friend decided to rent out her apartment instead of selling it, and with an incredible sigh of relief I can finally stop my search! The apartment is very beautiful, high ceilings, big windows,beautiful floors,marble bathroom and packed with character, right in the middle of Grünerløkka. I cannot wait until first of July to take it over, but until then, I can finally start planning!

Moving can be more expensive than originally thought and can quickly get out of hand if not careful. There are so many essentials that need to be bought or things to be done that we don’t really consider as extras , at the end it can completely throw us off budget. Searching for affordable solutions without sacrificing quality can be daunting, so I hope today’s tip will help out, whether you are moving to a new place like I am or not! One of the first rooms I will tackle before even moving in is the bedroom. Really I can sit on a sheepskin on the floor when it comes to the living room and I don’t need a table or chairs asap, but a bed and linens is something that has to be in before me. 

Ellos Home own line, when it comes to house essentials, is remarkably versatile and especially when it comes to the bedroom products I give them top points on their quality. Their selection of linens is quite big with something for everyone, while there are bed skirts to dress the bed if it doesn’t look great and elevate its look as well as quilts, throws, pillows and pillowcases and duvets, practically everything that one might need when it comes to bedding. Below you can find some of my favorites, expect to see them in my new bedroom come July!

Remember if you log in your account in Ellos, under the tab Offers/ Tilbud there can always be found great codes tailored for your account, for example one of mines is 40% off my most expensive item with a bedlinen gift or 10% off the whole cart! –

1 |  Duvet – Selene Medium  2 | Washed Satin Bed Linens – Leah  3 | Linen Bedsheet – Candice  4 | Linen Bed Linens – Candice–   5 | Linen Pillowcases – Candra  || All Items from Ellos Home own Line.

//Photos via | Collage by Katerina Dima

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