New and favorite Kitchen essentials

April 26, 2017

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While I am planning my move to the apartment soon I am in the process of thinking what to take with me, what to leave at the cabin and what to donate/give away. Moving is a good time to purge of any extra or old things with no sentimental value, but I will make a different post on how to deal with something like that efficiently soon enough! 

When it comes to the kitchen, a few things I will be taking with me include a set of plates from Marimekko I got from Ellos ( series Oiva), along with their cups, bowls and teapot.  I like the simple design and even though I am not sure of how the new space will look like I am sure these will fit in the new kitchen very well. Some other new additions that I barely use so I can take them with me new are new cutting/serving boards from Bloomnigville and brass measuring spoons ( also found at Ellos ),  cheese cutlery with marble handle from Ellos Home line (found here) as well as a coffee dripper. I am still considering what else to include and boxes are already on the floor with things, but for now I will opt to only put in them completely new things, and I will see what I ll do with the old!

//Photography and Styling by Katerina Dima

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