Hotel Danmark by Brøchner Hotels

April 8, 2017

I have known for a while that Brøchner Hotels are opening a new 4+ Luxury Boutique hotel in the best location in Copenhagen, central and right next to, and the first photos do not disappoint. I have already booked a room at the newly renovated Hotel Danmark in the following weeks, I am very looking forward to experiencing the rooftop terrace with the 360 city view, the urban indoor vineyard and the conceptual in-house restaurant. The hotel opens on the 3rd of May but I will be travelling to Zurich for a fun project on that exact date so I couldnt go to the opening, however after a few weeks I will be back in Copenhagen and ready with my camera to snap some photos to share. Is is so fun to shoot in a space that is not already exposed in the media as much, finding those spots and details that catch the eye in never seen before footage, I honestly cannot wait!

//Photos by Brøchner Hotels

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