Spring Tip

March 4, 2017

I get a lot of questions about my avocado trees, and if I have one tip (earned from a few years of experience now), is to plant them early around January so they start growing when spring hits. They get most of their growth these following few months so if you want to plant one,  now is the best time. I have grown 3 now and although they grow a little bit during winter they do show almost triple the growth during Spring and Summer. Since I live in a small city for the time being, it is very hard to come by fresh flowers of my taste so I prefer either planting my own or buying a plant when I visit Oslo or Bergen. Avocado trees are very elegant and easy to grow, while they only need water and little care after that. Plus I always feel so guilty to throw all those stones! If you want a simple guide on how to grow your own from an avocado stone I made a blogpost a while ago (with step by step photos) that might be useful to a beginner. Now I am off to work for a few hours on my tax return and receipts, the glamorous side of my job!

/Photography and editing by Katerina Dima.

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