Beige in the Bedroom : Early Spring signs

March 20, 2017

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As the weather continues to surprise us every day, from intense snowing to intense sunlight and warmth after just a few hours, I can’t help but dream of spring. While for most people spring translates to bright yellows, greens and pinks, to me all the exploding colors of the nature outside are enough, which is why I chose to bring spring inside my bedroom with various tones of beige, a color that to me represents tranquility and mindfulness.  In other words, perfect combination for the bedroom! I like to change my pillows often but when it comes to the fabric, I almost always stick to linen. I have had my eye on a particular design of pillowcases on Ellos Home for some time now and when they arrived on Friday I was so glad to see they fit with my plan perfectly. The pillowcases Putevar Candra in washed linen come in many different combinations, but I chose a plain white/silver so it would pop out against with my beige duvet covers and the rest the pillows. As the weather gets warmer I find that linen is perfect to sleep on, so all my bed covers are in linen as well by choice. My duvet covers are the Sengesett Candice in washed linen  (color beige), while the ice blue/white blanket is the Pledd Hannelin in washed linen (color grey-blue) also from Ellos home. And with this change of color, I am happy until summer!

//Photography by Katerina Dima

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