Nytorgsgatan 19A for sale

February 4, 2017

 It wasnt long ago photos from Lotta Agatons new apartment surfaced and eveyone savored on the complete dark look that swept the interior blogs with the daring look and the beautiful details. Now so soon again the apartment is back up on sale for a new lucky owner. It has come to my attention that there has been some controversy over this sale, possibly caused by the fact that it wasn’t not so long ago that Lotta moved in (although for the record it must have been at least a year or even more ago). Very few people can know the details on why this apartment is on sale, maybe the family needed more space, maybe they needed less space, maybe the location is not as comfortable as it was imagined to be, maybe they just needed a change or even maybe there was profit to be made out of selling it now. Regardless, the negative comments are very concerning, I do not find necessary for anyone to speculate and more so, voice those thoughts in an inappropriate manner. In many ways, this has turned to be a matter of gossip for some people, a very sad development. The plan is to also move myself sometime in the next few months, and I am already under a lot of stress about all the procedures, selling the house, moving, starting over. Of course it is going to be ok at the end, and hopefully I will look back at this time fondly, however I would find negative comments, gossip and speculations alike, very daunting , and they would add to my stress making it even more difficult for me. For now I will try to alleviate some stress by looking at the photos of Lottas beautiful apartment, take some inspiration for it, and plan for my future place as well! 

//All images from ESNY

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  • Suffershill House says:

    I agree with you: Negative comments are completely unnecessary. Sometimes it is actually a fact that a finished project is a boredom then and you just look for something new, a new challenge. I wish you all the best for your own sale and new start!best regardsSolveig

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