Lotta Agatons Trends Exhibition at Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair

February 11, 2017

Contrasts is the underlying theme for and name of the Trend Exhibition 2017/18, which has been created by stylist Lotta Agaton, one of the main attractions in Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair this year. The exhibition offers contrasts in materials and furniture as well as surprising combinations. The spaces are interconnected so visitors can see from one to another and vice versa.

The exhibition space is my reflection of our times. I wanted to create a space with no set rules and to inspire people to play more with what they already have and use new materials, colours and textures. I wanted to create a space where contrasting materials and colours met in unexpected ways and show that a room and its furnitures could behave in a new way just by changing the wall colour. I have chosen furnitures and products that all have a clean lines and timeless design. When lined up together all the furnitures would fit together but by placing them in rooms with different wall colors and change the fabric, every room and piece of furniture got a totally different mood. : Lotta Agaton

From an all pink office , to a green bathroom, the perfect beige kitchen, the blue dining room and the red terra cotta bedroom, Lotta Agaton defines a trend that is here to stay for a while, the one that comfort and safety combine perfectly with style and high end furnishings. Darker, warmer and more embracing, one by one the rooms in the makeshift house invite us to stay for a while.

My photos depict a close up look due to only bringing with me only one 85mm prime lens for my camera. For wider perspective beautiful imagery, visit my talented colleagues Elisabeth Heier blog post , with whom I traveled with to the fair. 

//Photography by Katerina Dima | Styling by Lotta Agaton, location Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair.

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Styling and photography by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated.

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