In flight essentials and tips on packing

February 5, 2017

Today I am packing for my trip to Stockholm for the Furniture and Light fair, thankfully the flight is really short (less than an hour) so I am packing a light in-flight bag. My first tip is to pack a backback rather than a handbag , a tote or even a crossbody bag. Now that most travel documents are in electronic form ( early check in, automatic bag drop, e-boarding pass) all I really need is my phone, so I keep that in my pocket and everything else can be carried in the backpack that is far more comfortable to carry than a bag. I usually carry a lot of heavy things in my in flight bag , inevitably my shoulder would always end up hurting so the backpack is the perfect solution for me. 

When it comes to whats in my bag this time, below there is a full list with everything I carry, although this is the lite version since the flight is so quick!

:: Leather Passport holder | This little wallet fits my passport , a printed boarding pass (just in case my phone fails), some cards and usually any receipts I might acquire during the day. 

:: A Water bottle | Flights are notorious for dehydrating the body , water is essential. While security will not allow you to go through check in with a full bottle, I usually  drink the water I packed then fill it again from a drinking fountain that can be found in almost all airports. 

:: Headphones | Airports are also infamous for the cacophony caused by crowds, announcements, commotion from the planes etc, a good pair of noise cancelling headphones saves me the headache plus allows me to relax more in such a crowded place (and usually work when I have extra waiting hours). The ones I use are the Bose Quiet Comfort 35, they are wireless so I don’t need to worry about cables while their sound and noise cancellation is the best I have tried. Very comfortable ear cushions as well, I can, and I do, use them for hours.

:: A big scarf | I usually get cold in flights (and at the movies), a big scarf is easy to carry and it can double as a mini blanket. 

:: Hand Sanitizer | I don’t really care about germs as much but I am quite clumsy, so I mostly use a hand sanitizer to wash my hands here and then especially since I am prone to spill some coffee or otherwise. This one from Aesop also smells really good.

:: Hydrating hand Cream | My beloved Byredo Bal D’Afrique goes everywhere with me, no exceptions. 

:: Power bank | While the flight is short, the rest of my trip is not, so a power bank to charge my phone on the go is a must. I use this model that charges my phone up to 6 times before it needs to be recharged itself. It can also charge two to 3 devices at once so you can share with a friend or charge your camera or iPad or even the wireless headphones if they need it (or any other device) simultaneously. 

:: Small Cosmetic pouch | Not pictured in this post however small touch ups on make up (even though I do not wear a lot during the day) are necessary after a flight, plus it also carries the sanitizer and the hand cream and small bits and bobs I use otherwise, lip balm, hair clips, paracetamol etc.

As for my last tip, if you shop at Aesop as much as I do then ask for an extra small bag next time at the cashier. I fit my headphones/camera or anything I need to have in my backpack/bag and not just for travelling. They compartmentalize the space in the bag, while they keep all my valuables scratch free without taking too much space on their own.

The above is all I really need for a short trip however, when I know I will be spending more time at the airport or in flight my backpack will also include : My MacBook (I cannot live without a computer), my iPad and/or my Kindle Paperwhite so I can read or watch movies, extra soft long socks, a camera, gloves and a beanie and finally my sunglasses. 

//Photography and Styling by Katerina Dima

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Styling and photography by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated.

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