Spring Summer 2017 Menu News

January 13, 2017

Today I am sharing some of my favorite news from Menu SS17. Some of the designs are instantly elevated in the category of classics, with their timeless design and distinct materials. 

The versatile, multiple-use Copenhagen Tray Table ( as seen above) combines the functionality of a traditional tray with the elegance of a side table. Designed by Norm Architects for use in the home, office, even the garden, the table is portable and slender enough to slot stylishly into any corner of the room.

The Afteroom Counter, Cafe and Bar Table (as seen below) is yet a supplement to the beloved Afteroom Chair, constituting the same concept – a tribute to Bauhaus and functionalism – reducing the amount of material to a minimum and enhancing the aesthetic appearance to a maximum.

There are two sofas that caught my attention from the SS17 lineup, the Godot sofa ( above) that is displayed along with the new Plinth Podium (coming in 3 sizes, can be used as a table or a pedetral) and the elegant Tailor sofa (below). 

Designer Rui Alves says : “I wanted to show all of it, the structure, the beautiful oak wood. Nothing should be hidden, as is normally done in sofa design. The sofa is meant to be seen from all sides.”

It is especially beautiful from behind. The sofa has a light and airy appearance, the structured upholstered part supported by the wooden frame for a comfortable and practical sofa for everyday use.

Another favorite of mine that jumped on the top of my wishlist is the Meet bench (above and below). Simple and beautiful, I can see it in many places around my own home, from the bedroom to the entryway.

The Echasse Vase combines the classic elegance of a traditional glass vase with a playful, light expression. The word échasse is French for stilts – and this round-bottomed vase is anchored to the table by four slender legs that resemble stilts. The vase takes inspiration from test tubes in laboratories, and like the original the Echasse has a classic drop-like shape, constructed from coloured glass that gives the vase a unique expression. Echasse is available in a large version, which stands on the floor.

Below last but not least, a new small lamp that caught my eye, the Cast Pendant. An honest light, Cast Pendant embodies Menu’s philosophy of soft minimalism. Hang one lamp on its own or cluster several into an installation. The lamp is available in three variations, and a splitter allows for variety of configurations.

//Photos © Menu

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  • Suffershill House says:

    Wunderschöne Bilder! Unglaublich ruhig und klar. Gefällt mir!Beautiful pictures! Incredibly quiet and clear. I like it!Liebe Grüße Solveig

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