Amazing Appartment in Stockholm

January 16, 2017

Stunning photos of a small apartment in Stockholm have me looking forward to moving to the city even more than ever. I am in love with old century apartment buildings, big windows and old wooden floors. While this apartment only has one bedroom, I would still move in a heartbeat. Even though there are only two main rooms, they are very spacious, while the kitchen is situated in a separate room which is a huge plus in my book. Lofts became the dream space to live in a few decades ago, and they are still viewed as such by many,but as far as I am concerned I have always appreciated separate spaces in the house that I live in. One thing I know for sure, if I am to rent an apartment one of my main priorities will definitely be big beautiful windows with deep windowsills and hopefully tall ceilings. Fingers crossed!

//Photos via Fantastic Frank 

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