This Weekend in Pictures

December 20, 2016

December has been a quiet month by choice, most of the days I have spend at home and the town around. January and February are going to be very busy months due to press launches and fairs and I do not expect to spend so much time at home. There is much to be appreciated when it comes to quiet comfort and I have tried to make the most of it while I still can. Since this weekend was the last advent of December I got some extra unexpected gifts in my mail, some hand soaps from TangenTGC, a gift much appreciated since I was running out of my favorite Aesop and was wondering if I could get a new one by mail before the holidays. The Georg mirror by Skagerak also arrived (it has been on my Novembers wishlist and I was right, it does fit my newly renovated bedroom like a glove). It is the perfect spot to get ready in the morning and this is usually how I have been starting my day as of late.

Speaking of the new bedroom, in a rare sighting, Milo has also been enjoying it immensely. Maybe it is the new soft linen throw ( the Crush Oro linen throw by Hale Merchantile Co) because she is always on top of it. It comes in many beautiful colors and although it was difficult to chose, the Oro hue won me over. 

First attempts on making an avocado flower. I think I should have cut it in even thinner slices because it was very hard to wrap around itself. Still delicious no matter the shape, and if you want to try it out here is an easy very good explanation video.

Wrapping up the weekend, when it comes to the weather it was a beautiful one. We woke up both days in a completely foggy town,  so much so that it looked quite airy since it was hard to see even 15 meters ahead. Long walks in the mist are very unappreciated, so we made the most of it while coming back to a warm home.

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//Photography and Styling by Katerina Dima

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Styling and photography by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated.

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