Pinterest Lately – What I’ve been obsessing about during the holidays

December 27, 2016

Images from Pinterest//Collage by Only Deco Love

It has been very serene and quaint during these holidays and on my downtime I have been decompressing with searching on Pinterest for inspiration on my latest obsessions. From woolly clothes ( winter is going to be around for quite a few more months ),to ideas for a shorter haircut and maybe color for my hair? I have had the same haircut and color for so many years now, I am ready for a change. I think starting off with a shoulder length long bob will be a good idea, and possibly go even further after a few weeks. New running shoes, concrete stairs (a project I am working on lately), Frama hand soaps and lotions(I am obsessing about all sorts of bathroom necessities) and of course ceramics for the house. In a nutshell everything that has been on my mind the last few days. It might seem random but in my head all this just makes sense. However, the colors of the collage are not random, they are all my favorite colors as of late.

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