Winter Living Room Makeover

November 12, 2016

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With the first snow falling, winter is officially here so I decided it was time for a living room makeover. Currently I love the feel of linens and marble combined with oak so I gravitated towards getting a few select pieces that would update my space without crowding it. All the additions are from Ellos, so they are very easy to find if you wish to easily replicate the look. Scroll down for tips and how I am using what I chose as seen above!

A while ago I mentioned I wanted to replace my sofa table (the previous can be seen here and usually appears in 2105 living room posts), and this was the perfect opportunity to do so. I chose the Sofabord Axx Stort , 75cm rectangular shape ,black metal frame with white marble top. I preferred it to be square and while usually most of similar style marble tables are 60cm wide, the one I chose is quite larger in both sides and it fits my big couch and my needs better. The marble top is quite beautiful  and everything seems to fit on top of it quite elegantly now.

Another tip when it comes to quick and budgeted makeovers is hidden in fabrics. From pillows, to throws or a carpet, you can change the look of a space in a matter of seconds without investing in any new furniture at all. Here I chose two linen blankets, one to serve as a throw ( Pledd Lilah) while the other ( Himla Pledd Levilin in silver grey color) to serve as a delicate carpet under the new table. In addition a simple belly basket can hold quite a lot of those extra blankets!

With the floor draped in blankets it is easier than ever to even sit down for a coffee and a magazine, something I have been indulging myself with a lot lately! I love the feel and look of linens to the point that I have slowly replaced all my blankets sheets and towels almost with them.

Posters are also an easy way to diversify the look of a plain wall (also easy solution is adding some wall lamps). I love graphic architectural drawings ( I can never escape my own profession) and the French poster Hotel des Ventes fit perfectly with my plans.  

And there you have it! In 1-2-3 easy steps I overhauled my living room without committing to a renovation. Below you can find the links from Ellos for everything I mentioned above, if you wish to recreate my look or get something new for your own space. Next in line for a makeover is the bedroom , keep an eye for that post very soon!

1| Marble table  2| French Poster  3| Big linen blanket  4| Small linen blanket  5| Belly basket

//Photography and Styling by Katerina Dima

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Styling and photography by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated.

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