Lights on for Christmas

November 27, 2016

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The simplest decorations are the ones that speak to me the most, almost always. In a time when I do not necessarily feel like decorating for Christmas for personal reasons this year, simple string lights will create a festive feel without committing so much into a festive atmosphere. I combine mine with a few choice candles as well, scents that will calm the mind and create an overall warm welcoming feeling. 

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I am sharing some inspiring photos I found on Pinterest with string lights, where the result is minimal yet very engaging. Wrapping a few garlands of string lights around mirrors, a makeshift wooden star or a ladder, will bring soft light into the house, creating an almost fairytale like vibe. I opt for simple white ones so I can possibly leave up for a longer period of time throughout the year, not just Christmas, however they are a top pick when it comes to decorating for the upcoming holidays as well, no matter if the choice is a minimal or a more festive feel.

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    I agree, string lights always work their magic. At some point I even used a timer so they would be the ones that would wake me up during winter. They just create such a warm and soothing atmosphere don't they! I also always leave them on when I'm out on a darker day or in the evening, it's so nice to see them on when I'm back!

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