Libratone Zipp Copenhagen Edition

November 28, 2016

Ad // Sponsored post in collaboration with Libratone. All opinions are my own.

Music has always been essential to me, for any activity. While working, while training, in the car, travelling, it is is a big part of my everyday life. Finding the right speakers or headphones is quite important, I am looking for a combination of great design, great sound and utility and I am happy to have found everything I was looking and more in the new Libratone Zipp Copenhagen speakers. The speakers come in two sizes, in beautiful Danish design featuring interchangeable wool covers (just zipp one out and zipp the new one in), aluminum top and bottom,  and a black leather carrying handle. The sound is robust ( 360 degrees play), they connect via Bluetooth or your wireless network at home (streaming has never been easier) and with 10 hours of play  time you can carry them around anywhere at home, so you can always have your favorite music with you. One of the advantages I found very useful, is the ability to connect any number of the Libratone Zipp Copenhagen  and Libratone Zipp Mini Copenhagen speakers together and create a soundspace, effectively setting your music free,  and enjoy it in every room, every space, every part of your life.
In other words, you get the freedom to place the speakers wherever you want and move them around in your home as you like. And due to the beautiful design and the fact that you change the cover of the speakers they can always be part of your interior at home. Both speakers make for a perfect Christmas present as well!

Everything mentioned above are things that make the Libratone Zipp Copenhagen speakers a great portable sound system, but I would also like to share my personal experience with them, as I have been using them for some time now.

Apart from the overall beautiful design and great sound, what I enjoy most is the freedom these speakers give me. I always keep one upstairs and one downstairs so they can be connected and I can still enjoy uninterrupted music when I move around. The sound is controlled from the touch pad on top, the controls are very intuitive, I literally feel I have all my music in my fingertips. A wonderful surprise feature lets you hash the sound for as long as you like by simply placing your hand on top of the speaker without having to interrupt what you are listening to while you need to momentarily focus somewhere else. In my personal experience, the touch pad is very responsive, and so far it has registered every tap with extreme ease.

I usually keep my Libratone Zipp Mini Copenhagen with me upstairs by my home office desk , although I will take it with me when I either move to the dining table where I work sometimes or when I sit by the couch in the living room. The dining room, living room and home office are all connected so I can also leave one Zipp Copenhagen in the middle of the area and all the space will be filled with music when I turn it on. Since the battery lasts for 10 hours I find I rarely charge it more than a few times per week, however when I need to the wire sits comfortably on the table held down by an aluminum anchor. 

Whether you will be wrapping gifts, cooking in the kitchen, working on your laptop or any other activity at home this holidays, the Libratone Zipp Copenhagen speakers will be a perfect companion for any music lover, and a great gift for yourself or your loved ones!

//Photography and Styling by Katerina Dima

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