Next week planning

October 21, 2016

//Photos by Katerina Dima

As the week draws to an end I find I am always at my busiest. Shoots, styling, extra paperwork, they all seem to accumulate during the weekend more than during the week. On top of working, I have some plans for next week and hopefully by the end of it I will have some results already to share. 

Some of my thoughts and plans 

:: Painting Plans | When it comes to the bedroom and the first floor, I am finally painting the floors and of course I am going with white or light grey. I am mostly doing this because it gives me the freedom to otherwise experiment with the wall colors! I have wanted for so long to paint in dark shades (grey or blue) and while the floors are a dark shade of red wood it just doesn’t make for a coherent final result. I am so excited for this specific change, it will change the whole look of all the rooms downstairs.

:: Reading Plans | I am becoming an even bigger bookworm than I already was, so I thought a kindle was in order. I have accumulated already so many books in it, I am already half way through Three Sisters ,  Three Queens by Phillipa Gregory from her Tudor court novels and I am planning on finishing it this weekend.

:: Travelling Plans | I am visiting Copenhagen around mid December and due to Christmas I have to plan earlier than usual. I have also to make time to stop by for a coffee and a chat at my favorite showrooms and check the new renovated spaces. You better believe the new Copenhagen Cereal guide is going to be my most trustworthy companion!

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