Getting ready with Daniel Wellington Classic Black

October 30, 2016

Ad // Sponsored post in collaboration with Daniel Wellington. All opinions are my own.

Getting ready for a Sunday outing can be an either 2 hours process or it can take just a few minutes, depending on where I am going , how casual I am planning to dress or if it is a formal event. An accessory I cannot leave my home without is definitely a watch on my left wrist. Latest favorite comes from the new Classic Black collection by Daniel Wellington and their new Classic Cuff line. I shared how much I liked this design on my Octobers wishlist, and as soon as I got it I have not stopped wearing it. Scroll down for more photos from the bathroom around the sink area where I prefer to get ready and also for a small surprise at the end of the post and a tip frequent travelers like me will appreciate!

I really like the design of their new Classic Cuff line as well, in silver or rosegold, it is a really good companion to the watch or even alone. I have always been a fan of bracelets ( during summer I regularly buy various handmade leather ones from the street vendors in Monastiraki around the Plaka area in Athens), and I have to be honest these look great even on my bathrooms boudoir. 

Now for the small surprise I promised in the beginning of the post, I am happy to share a code with you towards any purchase of any watch or accessory from all the Daniel Wellington collection including the new Classic Black and Classic Cuff line. The Classic Black is so very special because the dial is black, I find it especially elegant and stylish, perfect for interior lovers.

Discount code love

Use “onlydecolove” for 15% off and free shipping worldwide until the 31rst of December. 

Also a little tip, you can get Eurobonus flight points along with any purchase from the site ( for every watch I believe around 1000 points) which can be spend towards free flights and duty free goodies! 

//Photography and Styling by Katerina Dima

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Styling and photography by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated.

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