Dreamy City Appartment

October 3, 2016

Last few days I have been organizing the house with the mission of emptying it as much as I can from anything I am not using. I like rotating some of the products every few weeks, so some I will be putting in the storage for later use. The home of Line Dahy Ernst (featured in Elle Decoration DK) is the perfect inspiration for how I envision the perfect apartment in the city to look like, while beyond that it describes very accurately how much clutter I would like to leave in my own home after the big purge, that is to say, not a lot. I wish I could change the floors as well and generally do a bigger renovation than what I have in mind, however we might be moving earlier than expected and I do not want to spend too much money on a project that I will not be enjoying a year down the line. For now, this month includes a lot of cleaning and throwing out everything that is not used, painting and some new exciting additions to my home that I can’t wait to share!

//Via Elle Decoration DK | Photos by Line Thit Klein

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