Dinner for 4 friends with Eva Solo

October 13, 2016

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I often mention how Autumn is my favorite season, so when it came to styling my table for dinner for four of my closest friends, I immediately thought I should decorate for fall. Apples, cranberries and leaves from the trees create the perfect feeling along with a combination of an earthy menu. This was also a great opportunity to use my collection of Eva Solo Trio dinnerware, along with the new Fall 2016 additions of the beautiful  Legio Nova line. 

I was very happy to also have a full set of the In Between chairs I ordered, so I was only missing a centerpiece. Since the table’s width is very small, I decided to instead hang from the ceiling a big driftwood I had been saving for such an occasion. It took me less than 15 minutes to “dress” it with branches from a forest tree. I hang it from the ceiling with the same twine I used to attach the branches on the driftwood.

When it comes to my menu of choice, I decided it should be simple and earthy. Mushrooms are the perfect fall companion and a simple cod main dish would give me the earthiness I had in mind. 

Menu :

Chanterelle Mushrooms and Rodrigo-Style Cod.

For the mushroom dish, I simply sauteed chanterelle , I drizzled some lemon on top and served in one of my favorite bowls from Eva Solo Trio with some black sea salt. ( I usually cook and eat this for lunch during Autumn, as you can see in my Mushroom Season post ).

For the Rodrigo style Cod, I borrowed the recipe from Pati Jinich, I heartily recommend it, it is simple, quick and easy, yet delicious dish!

//Photos by Katerina Dima

My centerpiece decoration had to go unfortunately soon after everyone was gone (the branches will wither rather quickly), but everything looked great while me and my friends enjoyed a fall inspired dinner. The Eva Solo dinnerware fitted perfectly with the theme, the design lines of the Legio Nova Trio line elevated the look and complemented my table. 

Overall I was very happy with how the evening went, and I am already planning a similar table theme but for Christmas this time around!

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