Daily Skincare Routine

October 4, 2016

//Photos by Katerina Dima

My daily skincare routine has always been very simple, but I find essential to try new products especially when they come with hearty recommendations. This is how I discovered Aesop and for the last year I have been using their line almost exclusively. Latest purchases from last time I was in Oslo (other than the London travel kit that I talked about in my Packing essentials), a Parsley Seed facial cleanser(200ml), a Mandarin Facial hydrating cream (120ml) and the Rind Concentrate Body Balm in a tube (120ml). When it comes to my morning routine, I simply wash my face with the Parsley seed cleanser using a brush,then apply some of the Mandarin cream. If I know I am staying home for a couple of hours however, I will instead wash my face with a skincare soap bar from Diptyque, then apply an oil serum from Elisabeth Arden. Those two steps are enough for me, I really cannot commit to a more elaborate beauty morning routine!

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