Cleverly hidden bedroom in a Cupboard

October 19, 2016

I have a habit of browsing through appartments for sale, and this one really made me do a double turn. The very cleverly hidden bedroom in this two room small apartment, is the star of the small space when in fact its design hints to the opposite, it is supposed to be inconspicuous and subtle. It manages both brilliantly.  First of all, since it occupies so little space, it leaves the rest of the apartment free to create a very spacious living room and kitchen, fully equipped with a big dining room table as well. And I have to be honest here, even though my bedroom is quite large I find myself not spending any time in it at all save for sleeping. This bedroom nook looks very appealing to me, so very cozy and inviting. You can check more photos of the beautiful apartment listing here.

//Photos by Jonas Berg for Entrance Makleri

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