And Tradition In Between Chairs for the Dining table

October 9, 2016

//Photos by Katerina Dima

I think from my posts lately it was plainly obvious I have had the And Tradition In Between Chairs on my to-buy list for some time now. A few weeks ago I finally splurged on 4 of them for my dining table. I was planning a nice post about them, however the post office only delivered two of them, so my plans for an extended post will be a little delayed. I did however snap some quick shots the two chairs, the evening light fell so beautifully on them I just couldn’t resist. The chairs come in 4 different color variations with the option to be upholstered as well. I got mine in white oiled no upholstery, I thought they would be easier to maintain in their original condition. They are very comfortable to sit on, and besides, if I need a softer seating I can always drape some of my sheepskins on them.  And Tradition is one of my favorite brands, you can find the chairs and many more designs at Mitthjem online store, one of my favorite stores to shop. If you want to take advantage of the campaign that is running for a while now, you can get the in Between chairs, and other products, on a great discount as well. I have already put an order in for a Flowerpot lamp in soft grey color and some other things, I will share them as soon as they arrive!

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