September Wishlist : Bedroom edition

September 18, 2016

Collage by Only Deco Love

:: Sleep in | Make your winter bedroom as cozy as possible for the cold days ahead. Layers of linen and warm blankets will do great but also, consider a beautiful linen canopy (my favorite from Artilleriet) for a fairytale feel.

:: Read in Bed | My pick for a book for this month, Home is where the heart is?, by Ilse Crawford. If you are into historical novels, I can heartily suggest Tudor era books, the rose wars and those few centuries of turbulence. I find all the stories fascinating, even though there are some historical inaccuracies when it comes to the novels. 

:: Plant Care | If you have planted your avocado tree when I last made a post about it, it should be ready to be re potted in a bigger home. The new Tine K ceramic pots are roomy and will allow for growth while looking every bit of the part.

:: Lighting | With winter the days get shorter, especially where I live in Norway. A floor lamp is always welcomed for ambient bedroom lighting, and the Mantis Lamp fits perfectly.

:: Keep clean | For the elusive bedroom fireplace (or for your living room) , the most stylish fireplace cleaning and upkeeping tools by Eldvarm.

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