Mushroom Season

September 24, 2016

//Photos by Katerina Dima

Autumn is my favorite season no doubt. The leaves that fall, the color palette, the last soft warm breeze, all the wonderful new flavors. It is time for long hikes in the forest with a basket ready for filling. Mushrooms, berries, wild apples, everything is within your hands reach. Yesterday I decided to make a mushroom mix for lunch, just two types of mushrooms that you can find abundantly at the supermarket freshly picked, or that you can find yourself in the forest since it is their favorite season to grow. If you would like to replicate my easy lunch, it only takes a few minutes, just read below on how to make yourself a healthy and hearty autumn bite!

:: Preparation | Lightly saute the mushrooms in a pan with a tablespoon of olive oil or butter.I add either a couple of tablespoons water so they wont burn or chicken stock for some extra flavor. After 2 to 3 minutes remove from heat and drizzle some fresh lemon juice on top. Add a tablespoon of low fat sour cream and season with some black sea salt.
//Dinnerware from Eva Solo. 

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