Jotun Lady Press Breakfast : Fall Colors

September 10, 2016

//Colors | LADY Våtrom 7163 Minty Breeze

A few days ago I attended the Jotun Lady press breakfast in Oslo, where we were presented with the new Jotun Lady colors for fall and talked about new trends. I immediately singled out some colors and I will be definitely using them come winter for my own home. On the photo above, the Minty Breeze green color , from their Urban Living color line, is perfect for the bathroom but I can also see it easily in the bedroom or in the kitchen.

//Colors | LADY Pure Color 1352 Form – Hylle i LADY Supreme Finish halvblank 9918 Klassisk Hvit

There is a new white in town and as its name suggests it is already a classic. Klassisk Hvit (classic white from their Nordic Living color line),  is the perfect shade of white , especially as combined in the photo above with the most beautiful nude warm grey color in my opinion called Form.

//Colors | LADY Minerals 10679 Washed Linen

Apart from greys blues and whites, Jotun Lady also launched a series of softer earthy colors. Washed linen (from their Continental Living color line) as seen in the photo above is my favorite, while there is a darker hue called Cashmere that I predict will also be very popular. I noticed Washed linen and the old Form matching very beautifully together, definitely a combination I will be attempting, so stay tuned!

//All images from Jotun / Lady

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