Packing Essentials : Aesop

August 18, 2016

I have just a few days at home to prepare for the next few trips to Stockholm, then back to Oslo, then Paris then Santorini and Athens, so I thought I should start early and pack things I will not be using until I go. Samples are always a good idea when traveling, any disposable commodities or travel sized products I already use at home. While at Oslo , just after the Kähler‎ press launch ended, I decided to walk back to my hotel, and since I had already spotted the new Aesop store earlier,it was the perfect opportunity to get the travel kit I planned on July’s wishlist. I have been using the Boston kit however the lovely assistant suggested the London kit for my skin instead so I decided to give it a go. Some shoes, clothes and sleep essentials will go in by tomorrow although I always pack my make up essentials about 10 minutes before I step out of the door. I find that I almost always forget something when I pack earlier, so I have made it a habit to put in my travel make up case the products I use as soon as I am done applying them on my face. No checklists needed and this way I make sure I never forget something important! 

// Photos by Katerina Dima

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