New Avocado tree

August 5, 2016

So many people have been asking me about how I manage to grow my avocado trees (you can find all posts on my DIY section of the blog and a step by step method here) , it is really very easy ! However I have note that not all stones will germinate so you might have to try stones from different avocados. I have thrown away quite a few stones myself that refused to show any growth after 4 weeks (the stone should crack as soon as one week after placed in water or soil), even have some die after I transferred them to a pot. My only advice is whatever method you might use, try a lot of stones from different avocados bought in different stores if possible, at the end you will end up with at least one healthy tree! Today I re potted the avocado you see above and to kick off with the new instagram easy snap function I have documented there how I did it. If you would like to see just find me on instagram and click on my profile image, the story should load right up!

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