Cold Coffee with frozen coffee ice cubes

August 19, 2016

Just when we thought autumn was in full swing , summer made a come back. Cold coffee it is then! Tip : fill a glass with milk then drop frozen ice cubes in to slowly melt. Delicious! The cubes start to melt immediately and depending on how strong coffee flavor you prefer you might want to wait for a few seconds and stir first. I use from 2 to 4 coffee ice cubes that I have frozen overnight and prefer my glass to be filled with skimmed milk. If you like coffee without milk you can make a cold brew coffee then use the coffee ice cubes to keep it cold but also maintain the consistency. Ice cubes water coffee down as they melt, why not use frozen coffee cubes instead? Tip :  For an extra flavor, also freeze hot chocolate for frozen chocolate cubes!

// Photos by Katerina Dima

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Styling and photography by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated.

12 comments on “Cold Coffee with frozen coffee ice cubes”

  • Andrea Handojo says:

    Your pictures are incredible!!

  • Idemyldring i nr.9 says:

    Beautiful pictures. Wont some ice coffee now:-)Have a greit Love from Anne Line in Norway

  • Kasia My Full House says:


  • Edward Cross says:

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  • Stephanie Gullen says:

    Haven’t yet had a chance to make the coffee, but I was wondering if you could give me the name of the magazine in the background of your first photograph for this article, the one with the lamps? I love the lamps with the dome terrarium shape and wanted to see if I could find the brand/make.

  • Caroline says:

    Great pictures! Would you kindly tell me from which brand the glassware is? Looking for those since months ;) Thanks in advance! Best regards!

  • Yaz says:

    Where can I get that cup?

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