Breakfast for one

August 10, 2016

Having breakfast on my own can be one quite an enjoying part of my day, although I do love the company as well when I can have it. Workdays however it is not uncommon that my routine will be very similar, wake up, go for a daily run, return for breakfast then start my working day. Favorite breakfast to eat is of course half an avocado on bread or some sort of cracker and an egg. Simple yet nutritious. And I have to confess, most of the times I just omit the bread completely and spoon the avocado right from its shell. While the world went crazy over avocado it seems overnight(or the last few instagram years of growth), I have been spooning my avocados since I can remember myself. Trust me, it is the best way to eat them! (Though I still haven’t tried the new grilling them with an egg craze..)

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