Balcony Sneak Peek

July 8, 2016

A couple of weeks ago I painted our petites balcony floor white from red. Also I threw away any old furniture so I could start styling it anew. I am almost done (if only it will stop raining enough to paint the pallets that will go under the pillows), but there is a small factor I didn’t quite consider while thinking about this. Although the balcony is easy enough to style, petite and all aside, it is incredibly hard to find a good angle to show off its best features. I have created two nooks one as seen above and one on the other side with a small table and chairs, while also there are plants spread around, lights and a rug to tie everything together. Once I am finished I will share the final result, it is coming along exactly as I had imagined, even though it might be hard to capture. I will certainly try!

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