Sunday Links

June 19, 2016

Sunday slow afternoons. Soon a new busy week will start and with it, new stylings and news I cannot wait to share with everyone. For now I thought I would share some links with things that got my attention this week.

:: From Lady and the Pups food blog a recipe I will be trying for sure this week Spicy sour Thai street noodles.

::Talking about recipes, I just discovered a youtube channel that makes delicious recipes in a jar,ready to take at work or anywhere else. You will love it!

::It is time to get a travel backpack ,ie a bag that when heading to press events will hold all my necessities while I travel,though possibly will rest at the hotel for the actual event. The Marti backpack by Alexander Wang in black will probably do the trick.Or this Phillip Lim, it looks super cute even though it is not a backpack.

::If you are thinking visiting Mykonos in Greece, I highly suggest sleeping at San Giorgio Hotel, more so since they just renovated their bar area. You will not regret it. A tip for you, book for middle of September. The prices are about half what they are for July or August while the temperature is perfect (July and August are in fact horribly hot).

::Last but not least  a house is up for sale in the Sogndal area. If I could afford even half of it, I would buy it in a hearbeat. Check the photos out here , dream renovation project.

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